Frequently Asked Questions....

Can I visit the puppies prior to deciding to purchase one?

Yes we open for visitors, and litters are available to have visitors once they are 4 weeks old.  We will make a note on our website the date litters can be viewed. 

If I pay a deposit in advance, can I have first choice of puppies?

Sorry no we don’t take deposits in advance, you can come and meet the puppies but you will not be able to reserve one until they are listed on our website as being available to purchase.   

When will the puppy's be available for purchase?

We will make a note on our website when our puppy's are 2-3 weeks old and note the date they will be available for viewing from and to purchase.

What if I miss out?

If you miss out on a puppy with the current litter , we will have more babies born throughout the year.       Sometimes we have a couple of litters born within a few weeks so the waiting time may not be to long.  We are very sorry for those families that do miss out on a puppy, we only have a limited number of litters per year and we generally always have more enquiries than puppies......

How do I choose my Puppy?

You are welcome to come and view the puppy's once they are old enough to have visitors, but we are sorry we are not able to hold puppy's in advance as we try to be fair to everyone and make all puppy's available to everyone at the same time.
Do you bring puppies to Melbourne for viewing?

Sorry we don't allow the puppies to leave Omega Park (except going to the Vet), as puppies immune systems are still developing and it would be far too high risk to expose them to unknown environments.  Plus it would be very unfair and quite tiresome to unnecessarily have a puppy spend 6 hours in the car (plus viewing time).   We do open for visitors to allow for people come and meet the puppies.

 Can I visit my puppy? 
Yes, you're welcome to visit. 
What times and days can I visit?
Our visiting hours are Monday to Friday and every second Saturday between 10am and  2pm, Yes you do need to make an appointment.  We are closed on Sundays....sorry no exceptions :)

If I purchase a puppy do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% non refundable deposit, which can be paid via credit card or direct deposit.

What if I change my mind?

You have 7 days from when you pay your deposit to come and meet your puppy, if for any reason you are not happy with your puppy or us as breeders we will happily refund your deposit.  - Please note that our opening days are scheduled in advance and you will need to ensure we are open on the preferred day that you wish to visit prior to choosing a puppy. 

Please contact us, as we would rather our puppies go to the right home and you not take a puppy simply because you’ve paid a deposit.   

What if my puppy doesn’t pass the vet check?

Puppies will not be available to purchase until after they have had their 6 week vet check.
When are puppies desexed?
Puppies are desexed at 7 weeks of age.  It only take around 40 minutes, and by the time we collect our puppies in the afternoon they are happily playing with their siblings. 

What if I don’t want my puppy desexed?

Sorry, we are not the breeders for you, all of our adult dogs and puppies are desexed prior to leaving omega park.

Do you deliver the puppy to my home?

No, sorry we’re not able to deliver puppies to individual homes as we only charge a small fee to take puppies to Melbourne and we meet a stops along the Monash and Tullamarine Freeways.  

Yes you are welcome to come and pick your puppy up from Omega Park.  

What if I live interstate?

We can fly puppies to most airports in Australia . Puppies tend to travel very well, and most curl up in their travel crate and sleep.   If your puppy is flying interstate we introduce it to crate travel by having it spend small intervals (over a few days)with Cathy in the office so your puppy is already accustomed to being a in a crate prior to leaving Omega Park.

We also provide a toy which has been with the puppy’s litter and a blanket with their mum scent on it, so your puppy does not feel alone when they’re travelling.

Is my puppy toilet trained?

Puppies are not toilet trained when they leave Omega Park , however our puppies have a great start in learning the basics.   Our puppies are raised in a holistic environment, and once they are big enough live in outdoor puppy yards where they learn the natural basics from their mum.   Our puppies learn not to soil their sleeping area and know it’s natural to go to the loo outdoors.  

Is my puppy vaccinated?

Yes, all our puppies are vaccinated, and have their first vaccination when they are 6 weeks old.    

Once I get my puppy home will it require more vaccinations?

Your puppy will require two more vaccination once you take it home.   One when it’s 10 weeks old then again at 14 weeks old.  

Can I take my puppy for a walk or socialise with other dogs when I get it home?

No, your puppy’s immune system is still developing, and although they have had their first vaccination the risk is very high of them contracting a virus.   We suggest you keep your puppy at home and not allow them to socialise with other dogs until you’ve spoken to your vet at your puppy’s 12 week vaccination and check up.   Generally you need to wait until 1 week after its 12 week vaccination, however your vet will advise you on what they feel is the right isolation time for your area.

Is my puppy Microchipped?

Yes your puppy is microchipped directly into your name, and we give you the relevant information so you can register your puppy with your local council.    We suggest you organise a name tag for your puppy’s collar with your phone number on it in case your puppy goes missing “after hours”.

Is my puppy treated for parasites?

Yes all puppies are wormed every 2 weeks from birth, and we provide you with your puppy’s next worming tablet to help ensure treatment is kept up to date.
Will my puppy's coat shed?
With most of our dogs we are breeding a shedding dog with a non shedding dog, so it's impossible to guarantee that our puppies coats will not shed.  In many cases they do have non shedding coats, however we believe our dogs are low shedding rather than non shedding.  If you require a 100% non shedding dog speak to us first before deciding on one of our puppies, as we will not guarantee that our dogs will not shed or how much or how little they might shed.
What if I want my puppy to look a certain way? i.e. more like a Poodle or more like a Cavalier
We would love to be able to select the best physical features of each parent dog and have their offspring inherit a little of each of them.   Perhaps a curly coat like a poodle, kind eyes of a cavalier, however as with human babies it’s impossible to ensure that a puppy will look exactly how “each individual person” imagines they would like their puppy to look.    We do our best to ensure that our puppies will look a certain way, and if there are any indications that the selected puppy may not be suitable to its new owners we will let you know.   But, unfortunately we are not able to guarantee that it will look exactly as you may have imagined.

We also believe that it’s the temperament which is the most important aspect of a dog.

Are you registered breeders?

Yes we have a domestic animal permit - Wellington Shire.